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Eco-Friendly Car Recycling in Ballarat - We Salvage Scrap Cars Responsibly

All vehicles reach their expiration date at some point. Trusting M&J Car Removal for your scrap car recycling in Ballarat is the most responsible way to salvage your wrecked vehicle. As a leading car recycler, we make sure that your car is scrapped entirely following the safety norms and environmental regulations. What’s more? We will ensure you get the best price for your old or scrap car with free doorstep collection!

When your vehicle is too costly to repair, M&J Car Removal is your go-to company for seamless scrap car salvage. We work only with authorised recyclers. So, by entrusting us with car recycling in Ballarat, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is disposed of in a legal and the most environmentally compliant way. Right from confirming the collection of your car to awarding you with a certificate of destruction, we deal with the paperwork with vigilance.

We understand that for most vehicle owners, scrapping your damaged or pre-loved car is a once-in-a-lifetime task. Thus, we’re committed to providing the best support and access to legal scrap car recyclers. We recycle thousands of vehicles each year – so, you can rely on us for all kinds of car recycling services.

Our Recycling Process

Scrapping your vehicle is hassle-free at M&J Car Removal. All our recycling facilities provide FREE scrap car collection & car recycling in Ballarat. The process is straightforward:

Step 1: Enter the vehicle’s registration

Unlike many recyclers, there are no loopholes in our recycling process. Once we accept your vehicle, we’ll send you a quote online. In case you change your mind, there are no cancellation charges either.

Step 2: Preparing documents & time of towing

Getting your car booked for scrapping takes only a couple of hours. We will handle the paperwork for you. Once the documentation is ready, we’ll schedule the day & time of towing as per your preference.

Step 3: Get the best prices for your car recycling

We offer doorstep towing for all damaged, faulty, unwanted and scrap cars. Once accepted. get guaranteed payment in cash and a certificate of destruction for every salvaged car. That’s all it takes!
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What Cars Are Recycled?

Here at M&J Car Removal, we offer instant cash for your car regardless of the vehicle’s construction. This includes:

Why Choose M&J Car Removal for Car Recycling?
Running a leading car recycling business, we offer a customer-centric approach. There are plenty of reasons to choose our services for car recycling in Ballarat. Some key reasons include:
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Call us at 0413 801 631 to get your scrap car approved and a no-obligatory quote. For any queries on scrap car removal in Ballarat, recycling or any service-related questions, drop a mail at info@mjcarremoval.com.au today!