Car Removal Lara

Prompt Old Car Removal in Lara

Do you want to get rid of your old scrap car that you have in your garage at Lara? Get in touch with M&J Car Removal. When it comes to offering same-day scrap car removal in Lara, we are among the most competent ones, and one of the fastest. We’ll assist you in selling your old car and get quick, easy cash—up to $9,999, depending on the state of your vehicle!

We Follow a fast and Simple Car Removal Process in Lara

  • All you need to do is phone us at 0413801631 and let us know about the condition of your car to receive a fast price.
  • You set up a meeting with us after giving your approval, and we arrive that same day.
  • We do an on-site assessment and give you the compensation you are due.
  • We then immediately tow the car for FREE!
Cash for Car
Good Bye! to those laborious documentation, endless waiting, hidden deductions! Simply call us at 0413 801 631 to learn how we shine

What Services Do We Offer?

 Our car removal in Lara includes:

Which cars Do we Purchase?

We buy back for cash the following cars:

Cash for Car
Scrap Car Removal

What models do we buy?

The Models we buy include:

The highlights of our service

We offer same day service

  • We deal of vehicles of any make and model
  • We offer free towing
  • We have our own towing vehicle so that you do not wait
  • We pay you the price that you rightfully deserve for your car
  • We offer eco-friendly car wrecking so that your car never contributes to carbon footprint. This makes us the safest car and van removal in Geelong


We buy cars of any make and model. So we will surely buy the car you have mentioned about. Just call us and let us know its condition and we will tell you the price you deserve for it.

With all of their expertise, our team of top auto mechanics will evaluate the general and mechanical condition of your car. This aids in their precise pricing estimating process, taking into consideration the age, mileage, make, and model of your car.

We do not indulge in any hidden deduction. So if your information about the condition of your car is accurate, we will pay you the price we promise over the phone.

Call us now to book an appointment
Call us at 0413801631 to book an appointment. You can write to us at nfo@mjcarremoval.com.au for more information.